Chief Executive

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chief executive

1. Chief Executive The President of the United States.
2. A principal executive official, such as the leader of a nation's government or the governor of a state.

chief executive

(Professions) the person with overall responsibility for the efficient running of a company, organization, etc

Chief′ Exec′utive

1. the president of the United States.
2. (l.c.) the governor of a U.S. state.
3. (l.c.) the head of a government.
[1825–35, Amer.]
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Noun1.Chief Executive - the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States governmentChief Executive - the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government; "the President likes to jog every morning"
executive branch, Executive Office of the President - the branch of the United States government that is responsible for carrying out the laws
chief of state, head of state - the chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government
2.Chief Executive - the office of the United States head of state; "a President is elected every four years"
presidentship, presidency - the office and function of president; "Andrew Jackson expanded the power of the presidency beyond what was customary before his time"

chief executive

chief executive officer (Am) ndirettore m generale
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But, instead of a sweeping victory with chief executive officers and majorities in all legislative bodies, we found ourselves in the minority.
So, one fine morning I ascended the flight of granite steps, with the President's commission in my pocket, and was introduced to the corps of gentlemen who were to aid me in my weighty responsibility as chief executive officer of the Custom-House.
French, who will continue as chief executive officer and will become chairman of the board.
He also serves as chief executive officer of the Canyon Ranch Health division and president of the nonprofit Canyon Ranch Institute.
Sugar, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President, Northrop Grumman Corporation
1, succeeding Jim Albaugh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
Keating, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Kaman Corporation
Dominic Chianese "Uncle Junior' of the Sopranos; Nunzio Del Greco, RCE, Chief Executive Officer; and Shimon Shkury, Massey Knakal Realty of the Bronx.
Speyer, president and chief executive officer, Tishman Speyer Properties, New York, New York, renamed deputy chairman.
The 2001 Chief Executive of the Year Selection Committee
Lipp will continue in his current role as chairman and chief executive officer of the global financial group.
I'm honored to announce the appointment of Philip Marineau as chairman of Shutterfly's board today," said president and chief executive officer of Shutterfly, Jeffrey Housenbold.

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