chief master sergeant

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chief master sergeant

1. A noncommissioned rank in the US Air Force that is above senior master sergeant.
2. One who holds this rank.

chief′ mas′ter ser′geant

the highest noncommissioned officer rank in the U.S. Air Force.
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The chief master sergeant of the Air Force needs to have a vision for the future of the enlisted force, to anticipate what kinds of things our future mission requirements will demand and create plans to prepare Airmen to meet those requirements," Roy said.
But, by emblazoning the story of Chief Master Sergeant Dick Etchberger into our hearts once again--a story that will now be properly celebrated for all time--we are one step closer to a debt repaid.
Chief Master Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major
Without her, I couldn't have made it through,'' the former chief master sergeant said.
Air Force veteran who retired with the rank of chief master sergeant.
Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Chief Master Sergeant Rodney Smith of Oregon ANG.
By the way, I am a retired Air Force chief master sergeant (E-9) and ex-maintenance superintendent who has enjoyed reading Approach (when I could get a copy) for many years.
Invited speakers include the Secretary of the Air Force, the USAF Chief of Staff, the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, and other top Air Force, government, and aerospace industry leaders.
Chief Master Sergeant (ret) Allen Usry, Pioneer Services' military liaison, is providing practical, real-world savings advice through the company's online financial education blog, and is also available as a subject matter resource to the media given his years of experience as an advocate for enlisted military personnel.
It is stated by Chief Master Sergeant Robert Jackson, Knowledge Management career field manager that KM would have a substantial technical training ramp-up to cope with this challenge.
Salzman is a 30 year Air Force veteran, who recently retired at the rank of command chief master sergeant.

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