chief of state

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chief of state

n. pl. chiefs of state
The formal head of a nation, distinct from the head of the government. Also called head of state.

chief′ of state′

the titular head of a nation, as a president or king.
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Noun1.chief of state - the chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government
chancellor, premier, prime minister - the person who is head of state (in several countries)
premier, Prime Minister, PM - the person who holds the position of head of the government in the United Kingdom
president - the chief executive of a republic
Chief Executive, President of the United States, United States President, President - the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government; "the President likes to jog every morning"
representative - a person who represents others
crowned head, monarch, sovereign - a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right
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Fischer this week became the first European chief of state to visit Iran in 11 years since 2004, and Khamenehi's agreement to meet with him was an obvious statement of relief that Iran was now being treated as an accepted member of the world community.
The State Border Service of Kyrgyzstan introduced a new method of border guarding - stationary border squads since 2013, Abdykerim Alimbaev, chief of State Border Service's regional division for Osh and Jalal-Abad regions, said.
The new chief of state immediately announced a presidential regime change and the inauguration of the Sixth Republic.
As a precaution, we stopped the flows from Pyramid to Castaic (Lake),'' Rich Sanchez, chief of State Water Project operations, said after the oil spill was discovered.
James Ortenzio and Robert Balachandran, chairman of the board and president, respectively, of local partner Hudson River Park Trust joined Joel Holtrop, deputy chief of state and private forestry for the U.
Thieu assumed power as chief of state in 1965, the same year President Lyndon Johnson ordered the first major escalation of the war, sending more than 100,000 US troops to Vietnam.
Selected from among the seven members of the Federal Council by the parliament (and not by the Swiss populace), the chief of state -- a post currently held by Moritz Leuenberger -- is regarded as primus inter pares, or the "first among equals" for merely a one-year term.

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