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A woman chief, especially in traditional Hawaiian society.

[chief + -ess.]


(Anthropology & Ethnology) a chief who is female
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Coutras had gone one day to Taravao in order to see an old chiefess who was ill, and he gave a vivid picture of the obese old lady, lying in a huge bed, smoking cigarettes, and surrounded by a crowd of dark-skinned retainers.
I was down at Taravao to see the chiefess, and Ata sent for me to see you.
More than two years passed before I went to Taravao again, and then it was once more to see the old chiefess.
I decided to see Strickland, and when I had finished with the chiefess asked for a boy to show me the way.
The eruption threatened to destroy the town of Hilo until a royal Hawaiian chiefess visited the active flow and interceded with Pele to spare the city.
Julia's grandmother, the chiefess Ahia, married Captain George Beckley, one of "Kamehameha's haoles" and the first commander of the Fort of Honolulu, in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony (41) The couple were devoted; Ahia sailed with her husband on many of his voyages and was thought to be the first ali'i wahine to visit Canton.
Catherine School Third Place ($300): King Kaumualli Elementary School Fourth Place ($200): Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School Hawaii Island Total Results: 16,611 pounds of books collected First Place ($700): St.
Zambucka K, The High Chiefess Ruth Keelikolani, Honolulu: Green Glass Productions, 1992
She then ordered the new chief, Liholiho, to join her and his mother, the sacred chiefess Kapi'olani, in disbanding the existent Maoli religious system.
In sum, all of the heiau within Kahikinui are likely to date within a three-century period from about 1500 to 1819 AD, the latter date being the date of the overthrow of the 'ai kapu or traditional religious prohibitions by the ruling chiefess Ka'ahumanu.
The road has been named Ala Kalanikaumaka to honor Hawaii's late Queen Emma (trans: The Chiefess to whom everyone looks.
Oracle's Promise volunteers have also completed networks of the same size at Waimea Intermediate Elementary School in Kamuela, Kohala High and Intermediate School in Kapaau, Chiefess Kapiolani Elementary School in Hilo, and Honanua School in Captain Cook.