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A Mexican dish made of pieces of fried tortilla cooked under layers of a usually tomato-based sauce and cheese, often served at breakfast with eggs and refried beans.

[Mexican Spanish, from Nahuatl chīlāquilitl, greens cooked in chili broth : chīlātl, chilli broth (chīlli, chīl-, chilli + ātl, ā-, water; see axolotl) + quilitl, greens, leafy vegetables.]
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For breakfast, travelers may feast on Chilaquiles -- scrambled eggs with Ortega chiles, tortillas cheddar and sour cream, and Shrimp Louis or Brown Derby Cobb salads or the Palm Springs Club sandwich for lunch or dinner.
World's Most Adventurous Mom: Chilaquiles (scrambled eggs served with tortilla chips, chicken and ranchero sauce) at Loews Coronado Beach Resort; * World's Smartest Mom: Sweet Sushi at the Loews Santa Monica; * World's Best Homemaker: Mini Pancakes with Tropical Fruit Salad at the Loews Miami Beach.
Much like the uniquely delicious dishes at Milliken and Feniger's restaurants, their original recipes for Chicken and California Avocado Skillet Chilaquiles and California Avocado Enchiladas Frescas are modern twists on traditional Latin favorites.
Wilhelm's menu features bold fare such as Chilaquiles, a scrambled egg dish made with Ortega chiles, tortillas, cheddar and sour cream.
To the rescue comes David Sexton with a recipe for Chicken Chilaquiles, an unmistakably Mexican-inspired casserole with a distinctive green sauce of tomatillos and green chilies for zest, tortilla chips for added body, and cheese for richness.
Our Green Chicken Chilaquiles is easy and something any girl can do,'' said Milliken.
NOTES: Chilaquiles is a breakfast staple, often served with eggs cooked any style.
We have come up with facsimiles of two dishes - Chilaquiles and Mexican-style beans.
Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes are relaunching Sunday breakfasts across their restaurants on March 6 with some new menu items including baked cinnamon apples; chilaquiles, which are a traditional Mexican egg casserole; roasted potatoes; and baked doughnut muffins.
Thank you for the delicious chilaquiles recipe in the September issue ("The Flavor of Mexico," page 177).
Granita chef Jennifer Naylor will prepare quesadillas, chicken empanadas, guajillo chilaquiles with chicken adobo and green poblano rice, and other specialties ($8.