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Noun1.child's room - a bedroom for a child
bedchamber, bedroom, sleeping accommodation, sleeping room, chamber - a room used primarily for sleeping
baby's room, nursery - a child's room for a baby
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Here is the key of the door, so that you can go in and out as you please; you will bring the priest with you, and will oblige me by introducing him into my child's room.
It was not a child's room, but a grown-up person's room, with gloomy old pictures on the walls and heavy old oak chairs.
A circular staircase leads to the three large bedrooms (one outfitted with a massive, intricately hand-carved walnut bedstead) and one tiny child's room upstairs.
A book for decorators, ``Laura Ashley Decorating Children's Room'' (Crown; $18) offers tips on how to use striped wallpaper and a stenciled ceiling border as the basic background for a child's room.
Whether it's your child's room, the classroom, or the local police station, FACES is proving to be an all-purpose tool that entertains, educates and protects us all.
With its compact footprint the new Aptiva PC is ideal for a child's room, or a college dorm room.
Disney Color will provide safe, lasting and beautiful results for a unique and magical child's room or nursery that are guaranteed for durability and performance.
Improvements in recent years have significantly bumped up the quality of latex paints, so you won't find that switching from oil means you'll have to re-paint your child's room every couple of years.
There probably should be only one TV in the home and certainly not one in each child's room to magnify the fragmentation already an unwelcome part of family life.
CoCaLo Plays to Both Styles Which Stretches to Make the Most of Your Child's Room Decor
Expectant mums and dads have splashed out on plasma TVs, designer furniture, rare film memorabilia and signed football shirts for their child's room, according to Halifax Home Insurance.
You can decorate a child's room quite cheaply and it's definitely worth the effort.