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Noun1.child care - a service involving care for other people's childrenchild care - a service involving care for other people's children
service - an act of help or assistance; "he did them a service"
day care, daycare - childcare during the day while parents work
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Tenders are invited for Child Care Center Development Consulting Services.
For the eighth year in a row, data from the Child Care Aware of America report shows child care costs--which can be as much as $14,508 annually for an infant and $12,280 for a four-year-old in a center, and does not always guarantee a quality environment--continue to be a heavy lift for working families in the U.
com)-- Child Care Lounge, an online web resource for child care professionals, is pleased to announce that trainer Joni Levine and classes are now approved for child care providers in the states of Utah and Washington.
The province of British Columbia appears to have opened itself (and Canada) wide to approaches by a giant Australian-based child care provider.
Child care is a critical community infrastructure important for economic development and family wellbeing.
If you're telling people that they can't have child care, then they probably won't be able to work.
Ask the district attorney to establish a Child Care Welfare Fraud Hotline and have the number appear on child care applications and other related documents.
Guard and Reserve Soldiers with leave orders can access Operation Child Care services by calling NACCRRA's national Child Care Aware hotline at (800) 424-2246, or by visiting its Web site.
However, this research shows that families with publicly subsidized child care fare much differently than other low-income families," said Chase.
My mother, Dorothy Conniff (who runs the office of child care and other community services for the city of Madison, Wisconsin), and I interviewed Zigler in his office at Yale as part of our research for a book we are writing about child care in America.
MEANWHILE, DADS IN TWO-PARENT households also are picking up a bigger (though not equal) share of household and child care duties.
After the Early Head Start researchers presented their findings, Belsky and Friedman each had three minutes to lay out the child care study results.

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