child pornography

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Noun1.child pornography - the illegal use of children in pornographic pictures or films
erotica, porn, porno, pornography, smut - creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire
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recently published a report on possession of child pornography that
Summary: Warsaw: Police nabbed 21 suspects across Poland on allegations of dealing in online child pornography .
Lazzara on Friday sentenced Francois Piedra (age 21, Lakeland) to 15 years in federal prison for distribution and possession of child pornography, followed by a life term of supervised release.
The new study, "Child Pornography: Model Legislation & Global Review, 7th Edition", is a component of the global campaign against child pornography launched by ICMEC in 2006 to persuade governments and parliaments around the world to change and enact new laws to better protect children.
Since 2008, however, restitution in the child pornography context has expanded to become the criminal law's version of civil damages, with judges instead of juries imposing what amounts to emotional damages for pain and suffering and hedonic damages for loss of enjoyment of life.
Sparks told an FBI agent that one of his tablet computers contained about 3,000 photos of child pornography and 200 videos.
WORCESTER -- Child pornography investigators who searched the computers of two brothers living on Plantation Street discovered thousands of illegal images and videos, authorities said in an affidavit.
The Sentencing Council in the UK suggested community punishments for those convicted of trading or possessing child pornography in its guidelines on dealing with all types of sex crimes.
The Rev Shawn Ratigan, 46, who had been due to stand trial later this month, was charged with child pornography in Clay County last May after police received a flash drive from the priest's computer that contained hundreds of images of children.
The shocking revelation of child pornography circulation via P2P networks prompts the ministry to adopt a zero tolerance against those involved," Major-General Nasser Likhraibani Al Nuaimi, Secretary-General of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, said on Tuesday.
The Internet Content Safety Association, which was established by 21 major Internet service providers in March, said users will be denied access to such websites, possibly including sites containing a single still or moving child pornography picture.
Under 720 ILCS 5/3-5, there is no statute of limitation for prosecution of child pornography offenses.