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Noun1.child support - court-ordered support paid by one spouse to the other who has custody of the children after the parents are separated
support payment - a payment made by one person for the support of another
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The proposed changes in the Family Assistance and Child Support Legislation Amendment (Protecting Children) Bill deliver on this Budget commitment and are part of the Governments phased approach to achieving the best possible outcome for separated families and their children, Minister for Social Services, Christian Porter, said.
Lynne Haney, a sociology professor at New York University who has published a study of child support and incarceration, interviewed inmates in California, Florida and New York.
gt;"It's going to allow us to be the national leader in child support delivery," said Steve Pier, the attorney general's director of intergovernmental relations.
However, reasonable people may disagree regarding whether this should be in the form of increased mandatory child support payments, or whether Quezada should be able to independently determine how to share (or not share) his newfound wealth with his children as part of his parental prerogative.
The duty to pay child support is based on a parent's obligation, under the old common law, to provide his or her child with the "necessities of life.
Studies show that 90 percent of domestic violence victims would like child support if it can be done safely," said District Attorney George Gascon.
Projecting that her dad would spend $800 on her if she never visited her mom, the judge orders her mom to pay half of $800 in child support.
DCFS was recently awarded a record $7,459,128 in performance incentive funds by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement as a result of the agency's performance in FFY 2009.
Though "deadbeat dads" are often pictured as high-flying playboys, the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement's own data showed even before the recession that over two-thirds of "deadbeat dads" earned poverty-level wages, and only 4 percent earned even $40,000 a year.
In between is a game of debt reduction or, sometimes of economic recovery for the parent whose child support obligation is reduced or forestalled for another month or for the parent who gets arrangements made for her child support payments to resume.
The child support program has a clear mission: to ensure that the financial, medical and emotional needs of children are met by their parents.
All states have specific guidelines that must be followed in the determination of how much child support is to be paid and allocated to each of the children of the marriage.

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