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Noun1.child welfare service - an administrative unit responsible for social work concerned with the welfare and vocational training of children
administrative body, administrative unit - a unit with administrative responsibilities
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The article starts with a discussion of federal policy barriers to ECE and child welfare service integration.
The child welfare service system is a critical context that may serve, in manifold invidious ways, to promote intergenerational transmission of substance-related problems.
India had upped the diplomatic ante even issuing a threat to recall its envoy to pressure the Norwegian authorities into returning the children kept in foster care after they were taken away by the Stavanger town Child Welfare Service last year.
Private nonprofit agencies are taking on many of the responsibilities of child welfare service that were once handled by public agencies.
As the first major Australian study in this area, Significant Harm is noteworthy and of critical importance to students of, and workers in, all areas of child welfare service delivery.
The passage of the amendments to the Social Security Act (1994) gave the United State federal government a mandate to examine the nation's child welfare service delivery system focusing on safety, permanency, and child well being outcomes.
The Child Welfare Service has a responsibility to intervene if measures at the home are not sufficient to meet a child's needs.
The Child Welfare Service and the children's parents submitted a joint claim to the court stating that there is agreement that the conditions for the children being taken into care have been met, and there is no need to uphold the care order as the measures taken are considered to be sufficient in that the uncle is to take over the care of the children.
Multivariate logistic regression analyses reveal that mothers with one or more homeless episodes and mothers living in low-income neighborhoods have significantly greater risk of child welfare service involvement (OR = 5.
vein Kjetil Svendsen, a lawyer representing Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya, said that the couple has reached an agreement that will be presented to the Child Welfare Service.
We stand ready to offer our advice based on our experience through proven and effective family-friendly child welfare service practices, such as Differential Response and Family Group Decision Making.
At the end of this process, the Child Welfare Service in Stavanger concluded that the children's uncle should be awarded care of the children, so that he could take them back to India to be with their extended family there.

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