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1. Designed to resist tampering by young children: a childproof aspirin bottle.
2. Made safe for young children, as by the removal or alteration of potential hazards: a childproof kitchen.
tr.v. child·proofed, child·proof·ing, child·proofs
To make childproof: childproof a house.


(ˈtʃaɪldpruːf) or

child proof

designed to eliminate or minimize hazards to children


or child′-proof`,

1. incapable of being opened, tampered with, or operated by a child.
2. made free of hazard for a child.
3. to make childproof.
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Verb1.childproof - make safe against children; "childproof the apartment"
proof - make resistant (to harm); "proof the materials against shrinking in the dryer"


[ˈtʃaɪldˌpruːf] ADJa prueba de niños
child-proof (door) lockcerradura f de seguridad para niños


child proof [ˈtʃaɪldpruːf] adj
childproof lock → sécurité f enfantchild psychologist npsychologue mf pour enfantschild rearing néducation f des enfants


adj a prueba de niños
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Now supermarket giant Tesco has pledged to introduce childproof tops on all its own-brand mouthwashes.
Louie Delaware is author of The Home Safety Guru's Definitive Guide on How to Childproof Your Home: Making Your Home Safe and Secure for Little Ones.
This toll is utterly unnecessary, for the technology to make childproof guns goes back more than a century.
Currently states like Colorado or Washington have strong regulations for marijuana childproof containers, but other states are still developing their models.
Consumer Product Safety Commission the authority to require the use of childproof packaging on liquid nicotine containers sold to consumers, while preserving the Food and Drug Administration's ability to regulate e-cigarettes and other products.
Additionally, the FDA "should develop a product standard that would require all e-liquid refill bottles to be childproof, including childproof caps for eye-dropper refill bottles," the societies said in comments they submitted together to the FDA on the proposed changes.
The proposed FDA rules do not, however, address the use of candy and fruit flavors, which appeal to youth, and do not require childproof packaging to prevent poisonings.
FAKE bottles of Oven Pride cleaner with inadequate childproof caps may be on sale on Teesside.
The bottle tracks the opening and closing of the childproof cap, how much medication is removed, and sends that information via cell phone technology to doctors and pharmacists, who can monitor it, the Verge reports.
There's lack of awareness of how to childproof a home and parents neglectfully think that if your child usually doesn't do dangerous activities like going and playing near the windows.
Upon request, the packs can also be supplied with childproof closure systems.
Congress once cared enough about the safety of its citizens to pass laws about air bags and childproof bottles.