chili dog

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chil′i dog`

or chil′i•dog`,

a hot dog topped with chili con carne.
[1970–75, Amer.]
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Noun1.chili dog - a hotdog with chili con carne on itchili dog - a hotdog with chili con carne on it
red hot, hot dog, hotdog - a frankfurter served hot on a bun
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This year we decided to hang out together, eat chili dogs, watch a movie, candy and cocoa and act spooky
Set in a unique outdoor experience by the pool and beach area, the Southern theme is reflected in the ambiance and the scents of hickory-smoked meats, featuring an array of sumptuous premium slow-cooked beef brisket, baby back ribs smoked over Logwood, wings, salads and live cooking stations featuring burgers and chili dogs.
Beach grub like chili dogs and organic chips offered rewarding snacking options for the tireless shoppers while beers and cocktails sated their thirsts.
And if you're hungry or want some takeout, the kitchen has many tempting treats: Clam chowder, Hawaiian wedding soup, chicken salad sandwiches, chili, meatball grinders, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, chili dogs, apple pie (plain and a la mode), along with hot mulled cider, coffee and soda.
Chili dogs and ham and cheese po-boys are also best sellers.
For example, if you enjoy chili dogs, don't be afraid to add a few dashes of Tabasco.
It sustained some damage over the years and smells like chili dogs, but it works.
He ordered four hot dogs, five chili dogs, a cheeseburger and five frosted orange drinks for his party that included Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and members of his staff.
The menu featured hamburgers, chili dogs, fajitas, margaritas, vanilla milkshakes, Ghirardelli chocolates and California wine.
Chili Dogs, Hot Dogs, Dogs with Relish, and Dogs with more are waiting for your special twist on an American Classic.
Postings so far have included 2007 Pulitzer winner Hank Klibanoff of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writing about his visiting emissary, "Wordy," dining on chili dogs at Atlanta's famed Varsity eatery, and Bobbie Jo Buel of the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson introducing doll "Mojo Max" to the southwest custom of "chugging Coronas" on a Friday evening.
I signed a petition while waiting in line for my bimonthly chili dog from Pink's Famous Chili Dogs and found the person who solicited my input well-informed and not in the least misleading.