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 (kĭl′ē-ăd′, -əd)
1. A group that contains 1,000 elements.
2. One thousand years; a millennium.

[Late Latin chīlias, chīliad-, from Greek khīlias, from khīlioi, thousand; see gheslo- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Mathematics) a group of one thousand
2. (Units) one thousand years
[C16: from Greek khilias, from khilioi a thousand]
ˌchiliˈadal, ˌchiliˈadic adj


(ˈkɪl iˌæd)

1. a group of 1000.
2. a period of 1000 years.
[1590–1600; < Late Latin chīliad-, s. of chīlias < Greek, derivative of chilioi 1000; see -ad1]
chil`i•ad′al, chil`i•ad′ic, adj.


 a group of 1,000 things or years.
Examples: chiliad of cross fortunes, 1598; of years before Christ, 1876.
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Noun1.chiliad - the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100
large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten
millenary - a sum or aggregate of one thousand (especially one thousand years)
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Of his chiliad tally, 464 came while in charge of Stoke over two separate periods spanning close to a decade.
Red Dead Redemption: Be transported to the Old West (minus some shipping containers on the side) with LordSando's Deathmatch set in Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.
Here, looped on screens arranged like placards, were the episodes of Jordi Colomer's Probibido CantarTho Singing (Obra didactica sobre la fundacion de una chiliad paradisiacal) (Probibido CaiztarTho Singing 'Didactic Work on the Foundation of a Paradise City ), 2012, which together construct a fragmented narrative of the rise and fall of Eurofarlete, a fictional urban paradise, which can be read forward to the end or backward to the beginning, as you please.
In continuance of research in day 60 (weight of fish was 4-5g) fishes were divided into 2 chiliad groups and maintained in 2 round pools (each pool has 10[m.
In the August 2004 Kickshaws I suggested seven synonyms for the millennium year, such as Chiliad, Decadecadecade and Kiloyear, and in the November Kickshaws Anil added sixteen more.
The event was a financial, technical and social success, a superb celebration of a major anniversary for the Society and a great start for the new chiliad.
The formation of a new interactive "modular publishing" company called Chiliad (pronounced kil-ee-ad, the Greek term for millennium) has been announced by its CEO, Christine Maxwell.
Government intelligence analysts and healthcare professionals share similar pressures to acquire timely and accurate information to make critical decisions," said Craig Norris, Chiliad CEO.
Mount Chiliad lived up to its name, its airy guitar effects floating around the room as Romans-Hopcraft delivered a vocal that alternated between melodic whispers and emphatic screeches.
Chiliad enables customers to access, search and analyze their distributed resources with the same precision and thoroughness as if they were in a single centralized repository, empowering organizations to "connect the dots" for better situational awareness, sound business decisions and greater productivity.
MILLENNIUM is assigned to the year 2000, and CHILIAD the year 2001.
The Chiliad Board of Directors announces the appointment of Mr.