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n. Christianity
The doctrine stating that Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years.

[New Latin chīliasmus, from Late Latin chīlias, chiliad; see chiliad.]

chil′i·ast′ (-ăst′, -əst) n.
chil′i·as′tic adj.
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Adj.1.chiliastic - relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness
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The fact that the Mexico Revolution is evaluated in Arce's first chapter speaks to this commonplace: namely, that 1910 marks a chiliastic break with past social oppression.
The Millennium has all the specific characteristics of the violent and rebellious psychology of teenagers; the chiliastic movements and sects are reminiscent of some anarchic "gangs" contesting the paternal authority of the Church.
He had initially the frenzied support of the lower orders in Iran, whose chiliastic yearnings fused with expectations of material gain provided the bedrock of his social support.
His views on Israel provide a clear example of how Israel can be imagined as a contemporary state and inheritor of biblical traditions but without chiliastic or cult-like fantasies.
In some variants, slightly more sophisticated than the fifth column theory, as formulated by the early 1950s, communism was identified as a political religion, driven by chiliastic fervour to slaughter real people in a quest for human perfectibility.
The latter term refers to a specific kind of judgment: so-called chiliastic judgments.
Kenotic compassion stands apart from individualistic notions of rights that involves efforts to change traditional Christian marriage in a social experiment similar in some ways to other costly, secular, chiliastic efforts of the past century.
233) In this intensely moral and admittedly chiliastic sense liberalism is no philosophy of the end of history (pace Fukuyama).
The prophecy mentioned in Gontgen's chronicle reflects his chiliastic belief that the Second Coming of Christ and the Day of Judgment were imminent.
4) Such resonances, it will be argued, originate from the chiliastic propaganda contemporary with and instrumental to Sunbadh's revolt, which he launched initially to exact vengeance for the assassination of Aba Muslim al-Khurasani in Shacban 137/February 755 by the agents of the (Abbasid caliph Abu Ja'far al-Mansur (r.
This new (Katabole), under the chiliastic forms of a new, in which Kairos (the right time) "actualize" the most authentic moment of vision, and in which the meaning of "revelation" assumes a new historical consciousness, breaks through the structures of human existence, disclosing itself anew for knowledge and action.
And in the fourth, more chiliastic state evoked by Ellen in Nowhere's final pages, a "political sublime" "may precipitate [the] world, plunging it into a truly utopian 'change beyond the change'" (p.