A hamburger covered with chili con carne.


(ˈtʃɪl iˌbɜr gər)

a hamburger topped with chili con carne.
[1970–75, Amer.]
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You can get the original chiliburger for only 50 cents, plus an anniversary pin for $3.
Photo: Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tommy's with 50-ce nt chiliburgers on May 15 at the original location, 2575 W.
From noon to midnight Monday, thousands flocked to Original Tommy's for gooey chiliburgers at vintage prices.
And city officials joined Koulax's heirs to celebrate the unchanged menu of chiliburgers, hot dogs, tamales and fries always accompanied by burning yellow chilis.
Councilman Tom LaBonge recalled when legendary Los Angeles politician John Ferraro cut deals over the greatest chiliburgers in town.