(chĭl′ē-dôg′, -dŏg′)
A hot dog covered with chili con carne, served in a long roll.
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The fried rabbit plate lunch is the most expensive thing on the menu at just over $8, most sides are less than $2, the roast beef po'boy is just over $5, and amazingly, a chilidog is only $1.
No matter what age you are, an occasional wintertime cheesy chilidog is OK, but don't forget the carrot sticks and glass of fortified milk.
Soon enough Gail appeared next to me with a salad in one hand and a chilidog in the other hand, and she looked better than ever.
Those who secretly have driven through Sonic for a sneaky, foot-long chilidog can now eat in public and feel confident they are among the culinary trendies.
With summer just around the corner, marketers at the Lee(R) brand know that inevitably, the lighter in color your pants are, the higher the probability that the chilidog you are having for lunch will land in your lap.
For the cheesy chips and pizzas and chilidogs and burgers.
These are chilidogs because between the hot dogs are chili beans (mitochondria).
No egg salad sandwiches, sloppy Joes, or chilidogs.
The soda shop will seat approximately 50 people at counter seating and booths, and the menu will be typical of the lunch menu from 1940s - simple sandwiches heated on a griddle, shakes and malts, root beer floats, fresh-squeezed orangeade and lemonade, hotdogs and chilidogs, 30 flavors of ice cream, and cherry and vanilla cokes served from a 1949 soda fountain.
Fatburger, available grilled or charbroiled, plus turkeyburgers and chicken sandwiches, chilidogs, homemade onion rings, and "fat" or "skinny" fries.