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1. A moderate but penetrating coldness.
2. A sensation of coldness, often accompanied by shivering and pallor of the skin.
3. A checking or dampening of enthusiasm, spirit, or joy: bad news that put a chill on the celebration.
4. A sudden numbing fear or dread.
1. Moderately cold; chilly: a chill wind.
2. Not warm and friendly; distant: a chill greeting.
3. Discouraging; dispiriting: "Chill penury repressed their noble rage" (Thomas Gray).
4. Slang Calm or relaxed: "As my meditation routine grew more already laid-back demeanor grew positively chill" (David Gelles).
v. chilled, chill·ing, chills
v. tr.
1. To affect with or as if with cold.
2. To lower in temperature; cool.
3. To make discouraged; dispirit.
4. Metallurgy To harden (a metallic surface) by rapid cooling.
v. intr.
1. To be seized with cold.
2. To become cold or set: jelly that chills quickly.
3. Metallurgy To become hard by rapid cooling.
4. Slang
a. To calm down or relax. Often used with out.
b. To pass time idly; loiter.
c. To spend time with someone in a relaxed manner; hang out together.

[Middle English chile, from Old English cele; see gel- in the Appendix of Indo-European roots.]

chill′ing·ly adv.
chill′ness n.


1. (of a person) feeling cold
2. (of food or drink) kept cool
3. informal Also: chilled-out relaxed or easy-going in character or behaviour
References in classic literature ?
I am chilled to the very marrow of my bones," answered Aunt Myra, chafing the end of her purple nose with her sombre glove.
Can I even remember when the chilled, cramped feeling left me, and the throbbing heat came in its place?
Oh, the rain, the rain--the cruel rain that chilled me last night!
But if, like Queequeg and me in the bed, the tip of your nose or the crown of your head be slightly chilled, why then, indeed, in the general consciousness you feel most delightfully and unmistakably warm.
I don't see that it would help matters if you, too, sat up and were chilled," I laughed.
l trembled under a present glance, I hungered after a present joy, I was clogged and chilled by a present fear.
Chilled water is the most common form of TES for large facilities, using concrete or steel tanks to store chilled water.
For simple profiles, calibration may be a single metal plate calibrator followed by a chilled water bath, but for complex window profiles the calibration is usually with multiple metal calibrators (full or plate) in a full chilled water or spray bath.
Framework agreement for the supply meat and meat - pork so chilled, pulp pork bone chilled, neck pork boneless chilled pork chop boneless chilled chicken wings chilled backs bird chilled chicken thighs, boneless leather chilled, boneless chicken breast without skin chilled beef so chilled, pulp beef with bone chilled, sirloin beef chilled, entrecote of beef chilled meat mutton without bones chilled, sausages type "cottage" sausage type "Oltenia" salami type "Victoria" salami-type "summer" fresh fish fillets, chicken sausages, boiled ham and chicken stew.
Chilled processed meat is very popular for children's lunches and also to prepare sandwiches and other light meals for breakfast or dinner.
ClickPress, Tue Jun 02 2015] With consumers focusing more on food safety, the consumption structure of meat in China experienced great changes in the review period, with more consumers trading up to chilled processed meat from traditional fresh meat, for fresher and higher meat quality, backed up by the growing healthcare awareness, the rising disposable income and the improving cold storage facilities.
So, applying a heat treatment to mature green tomatoes before they're chilled and shipped improves their flavor.