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 (chə-mîr′, shə-)
A loose sleeveless robe worn especially by Anglican bishops.

[Middle English chimer, perhaps from Anglo-Latin chimēra; probably akin to Spanish chamarra, zamarra, type of garment, of Basque origin.]


(tʃɪˈmɪə; ʃɪ-) ,




(Anglicanism) Anglican Church a sleeveless red or black gown, part of a bishop's formal dress though not a vestment
[C14: perhaps from Medieval Latin chimēra (see chimera) and related to Spanish zamarra sheepskin coat]


(tʃɪˈmɪər, ʃɪ-)

also chim•er

(ˈtʃɪm ər, ˈʃɪm-)

a loose sleeveless upper robe, as of a bishop.
[1325–75; Middle English chemer, chymere < Anglo-Latin chimēra, of uncertain orig.]
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