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A deep-fried burrito.

[American Spanish chimichanga, chivichanga, trinket, thingamajig.]


(Cookery) Mexican cookery a savoury deep-fried filled tortilla


(ˌtʃɪm iˈtʃɑŋ gə)

n., pl. -gas.
a deep-fried flour tortilla rolled around a filling, as of meat, and served with guacamole, salsa, cheese, etc.
[< Mexican Spanish, trinket, trifle]
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increased operating falling report Elsewhere across the country, all 33 of the company's Chimichanga Tex-Mex restaurants are set to close along with its three Mexico branches and its burger, rib and steak house Cleaver in Cobham, Surrey.
All 33 of its Chimichanga restaurants will also be closed.
Prezzo, owned by private equity firm TPG Capital, will lose 94 Prezzo outlets across the country and will also shut all 33 of its Tex-Mex Chimichanga restaurants.
Prezzo is also closing all 33 of its Chimichanga restaurants.
The Prezzo restaurants marked for closure in Wales are: | Abergavenny | Carmarthen | Penarth | Chimichanga in Cardiff.
The plan - which could see Mexican chain Chimichanga, also owned by the same company, close - is set to be unveiled in the next few days.
Sky News is reporting a third of the 300 Prezzo-owned restaurants look set to shut, including all branches of the Tex-Mex Chimichanga brand nationwide.
A total of 100 of Prezzo's 300 outlets have been earmarked for closure, as well as its Tex-Mex chain Chimichanga.
25), eggs scrambled with Tex-Mex additives; a breakfast chimichanga ($6.
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