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A deep-fried burrito.

[American Spanish chimichanga, chivichanga, trinket, thingamajig.]


(Cookery) Mexican cookery a savoury deep-fried filled tortilla


(ˌtʃɪm iˈtʃɑŋ gə)

n., pl. -gas.
a deep-fried flour tortilla rolled around a filling, as of meat, and served with guacamole, salsa, cheese, etc.
[< Mexican Spanish, trinket, trifle]
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You can make mine Mexican any day of the week and next on the sample list were the Chimichanga, grilled tender steak stuffed in a tortilla topped with melted cheese and sauce (BD6.
Other operators in the PS60m Marine Point development include Morrisons, Travelodge, The Light cinema, Bubbles World of Play, Prezzo, Caffe Cream, Pizza Express and Chimichanga.
So, the next time you have a chimichanga, just think of Gerardo rolling his eyes and saying with a dismissive wave of the hand, " That's Tex Mex
If you had an average talent Pac-12 big man, you would probably make a deep run in the NCAA or even win the whole chimichanga.
Standouts are the “Impossible Cake,” a chocolate cake topped with vanilla flan, Kahlua sauce and fresh berries and a “Cheese Cake Chimichanga,” covered with tequila raspberry sauce.
You could also try the delicious chicken chimichanga made with fajita chicken and topped off with a combination of cheese, served with homemade guacamole and sour cream.
It has already been confirmed that the extension will see Glasgow's first COSMO and Chimichanga open alongside Pret A Manger , Burger King, TGI Fridays, Carluccio ' s, Zizzi and Pizza Express.
The Carlyle Group & Bride Hall, advised jointly by international real estate advisor Savills and Tushingham Moore, have agreed four lettings at Pepper Street in Chester to Chimichanga, Coast to Coast, Restaurant Bar and Grill and Las Iguanas.
The group, which trades as Prezzo, Chimichanga Tex-Mex and Cleaver, opened 28 new sites during the year to December 29 as it expanded to 237 outlets and lifted adjusted profits by 11 per cent to PS20.
To fulfil its promise as a Tex Mex restaurant, Willikers offered a few Mexican dinners: tacos ($7); enchiladas ($11); burrito ($11); chimichanga ($11); and fajitas ($13).
Their wide selections of products range from Bean and Cheese Tacos and Chipotle Chicken Chimichanga to Nacho Cheese & Beef Mini Chims and multiserve snack packs of Quesadillas.