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Tableware made of china.


1. (Ceramics) articles made of china, esp those made for domestic use
2. (Ceramics) (modifier) made of china


(ˈtʃaɪ nəˌwɛər)

tableware made of china.
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Noun1.chinaware - dishware made of high quality porcelainchinaware - dishware made of high quality porcelain
crockery, dishware - tableware (eating and serving dishes) collectively
willow-pattern, willowware - chinaware decorated with a blue Chinese design on a white background depicting a willow tree and often a river


[ˈtʃaɪnəwɛəʳ] Nporcelana f
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Surprised, he upturned an ear toward the McCaskey apartment, where the crash of irons and chinaware and the ring of hurled kitchen utensils seemed as loud as before.
Filling a coffee-pot and frying-pan with part of my plunder, and taking some chinaware from the cabin pantry, I left Wolf Larsen lying in the sun and went ashore.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Vitreous Chinaware Items At Beas Dam Talwara
is a leading event rental company serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions with the largest selection of linens, tables, flatware, chinaware and catering equipment in the country.
RED's individual design represents the playfulness and vibrancy of the story behind its inception, using furniture and chinaware to evoke global festivals, celebrations and cultures.
Additionally, I see technology gifts are more common than traditional gifts such as chinaware," added McGrath.
Why not opt for a bold statement by using black chinaware from Lefroy Brooks?
With the win under their belt, Asado isn't standing still, with new menus, presentation styles and new chinaware rolling out by the end of this year.
The Royal Collection Trust has unveiled the official royal baby chinaware.
From medals and decorations to pamphlets and posters, from photographs and postcards to lapel pins and chinaware," he wrote "a massive effort was made to advertise, publicize, promote and glorify anything related to the Empire's military and political struggle against the Entente, its alliance with the Axis and every possible deed that could be used in favor of the war effort.
It's the finer details that exude the intricacy put into this hotel; there are over 3,000 pieces of handcrafted glasses and over 9,000 pieces of handcrafted chinaware created especially for Marsa Malaz Kempinski.
NYSE: UAL) subsidiary United Airlines said it will introduce new premium-cabin dining service on United Express flights beginning next week, featuring freshly prepared entrees served on chinaware and expanded meal-service times for United First and United Business customers on regional flights.