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a. The backbone or spine, especially of an animal.
b. A cut of meat containing part of the backbone.
2. A ridge or crest.
3. Nautical The line of intersection between the side and bottom of a flatbottom or V-bottom boat.
tr.v. chined, chin·ing, chines
To cut (a carcass, for example) through the spine, as when butchering.

[Middle English, from Old French eschine, of Germanic origin; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]
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Over more than 20 iterations we developed the harder chined hull form until we were happy that it presented minimal negatives in the light air's more upright conditions.
His Tempest model includes a moderately chined hull, which allows him to maneuver in rougher conditions, plus a low deck and bow, for speed and smoothness, as well as retractable skeg system that helps the boat adjust to wind and current conditions.