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 (kī-rŏp′tər-ən) also chi·rop·ter (-rŏp′tər)
Any of various mammals of the order Chiroptera, having forelimbs modified as wings; a bat.

[From New Latin Chīroptera, order name : chiro- + -pter.]

chi·rop′ter·an adj.


(Animals) an animal of the order Chiroptera; a bat


(kaɪˈrɒp tər)

any mammal of the order Chiroptera, comprising the bats.
[1830–40; < New Latin Chiroptera=chiro- chiro- + Greek -ptera, neuter pl. of -pteros -pterous]
chi•rop′ter•an, n., adj.
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The published studies have established that at all the sites the predators were non-selective nocturnal birds of prey, since the digestion of the bones is slight or non-existent (Andrews, 1990); as for the chiropters, a natural death has been established in most cases (Sevilla, 1986).
The omission of the chiropters is due to the fact that in many cases its mobility makes difficult to ascertain their present geographical distribution, which could thus falsify our data.
Small creatures called chiropters live in trees and glide like flying squirrels from branch to branch, but among them a mutant is born named Dusk, who has the ability to fly and to see in the dark.