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1. Characterized by chirping tones: a bird with a chirpy song.
2. Tending to chirp: a chirpy parakeet.
3. Cheerful and good-humored: a chirpy radio announcer.

chirp′i·ly adv.
chirp′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.chirpily - in a cheerfully buoyant manner; "we accepted the opportunity buoyantly"
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The breakfast show chirpily tweeted shortly before speaking to Dr Michael Davidson: "On next we'll meet the man who claims we can 'cure' homosexuality in men.
In her hazardous journey between first class and coach 'B' she will carry our more knee-cappings than a 1970s IRA unit whilst chirpily asking you for the right change during your punishment.
At first, there was widespread outrage at executives chirpily telling undercover investigators that abortion techniques could be adapted to "crush" fetuses in a "less crunchy" manner.
I want to be all Mary Poppins, smiling chirpily at my brood as I serve up a delicious breakfast and we chat about our plans for the day.
I have a habit of chirpily pointing out that in 1953 Wales had a 75% win rate against New Zealand.
The 45-year-old singer chirpily revealed on Twitter of her new role, saying that her former beau has asked her to be his son's godmother, along with a snap of herself holding baby Eric, the Daily Star reported.
Stoke fans loved it, chirpily chorusing "1-0 to the rugby team" and mimicking the despairing arm-waving that Wenger often does on his visits to the Britannia.
In the richest nation on earth we are not bankrupt," she proclaims in a chirpily authoritative voice.
So while Medea, played solidly by Miriam Laube, frets around the stage over whether to murder her sons and exact revenge on her cheating husband, Macbeth (Jeffrey King) is wiping the king's blood from his hands and Cinderella (festival newcomer Laura Griffith) is chirpily singing that "impossible things are happening every day