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Noun1.chit chat - light informal conversation for social occasionschit chat - light informal conversation for social occasions
chat, confab, confabulation, schmoose, schmooze - an informal conversation
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But most of the people either chit chat or stand haphazardly on the escalators, blocking the way up for people behind them.
I apologise for being a sketchy little f***er can't handle the chit chat as you were LG x.
It doesn't matter if they are discussing technical details or just idle chit chat, more talk drives productivity.
7, Inquirer's first entertainment talk show, Kris gamely engaged in a fun and relaxed chit chat with the hosts alongside answering questions from social media.
According to media reports , the two charming couple had dinner and spent time together having a chit chat and taking pictures.
Together with it's sister church, All Saints, there will be a chit chat group, which offers the chance for people to socialise with others.
He has been making coffee and listening to the political chit chat of his clientele for over half a century.
51 SWITCH: Clarins Eye Liner Pencil in Black with Sharpener Lid, pounds 15 FOR: Chit Chat twin pack of black eyeliner pencils with sharpener, pounds 1, Poundland SAVE: pounds 14 SWITCH: Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara, pounds 7.
Jonjo O'Neill was the trainer to follow as he saddled two runners and went home with a double from Chit Chat and Chesapeake.
My pet hate was made more concrete while listening to the general chit chat in the playground at my niece's primary school.
Chit Chat Eyeshadow Quartet in Charcoal and Smoke (pounds 1) Verdict:Good choice of colours which can be built to smoky eye plus two applicators.
THE MISSION Twins Alexandra and Sarah Morris agreed to be guinea pigs in our experiment to find out whether people can spot the difference between a really expensive make-up and Poundland's new make-up range, called Chit Chat.