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Noun1.chit-chat - light informal conversation for social occasionschit-chat - light informal conversation for social occasions
chat, confab, confabulation, schmoose, schmooze - an informal conversation
Verb1.chit-chat - talk socially without exchanging too much informationchit-chat - talk socially without exchanging too much information; "the men were sitting in the cafe and shooting the breeze"
converse, discourse - carry on a conversation
jawbone, schmoose, schmooze, shmoose, shmooze - talk idly or casually and in a friendly way
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On this rencontre they all returned to the house together, there to lounge away the time as they could with sofas, and chit-chat, and Quarterly Reviews, till the return of the others, and the arrival of dinner.
Having entreated the old lady and gentleman to set their minds at rest on these absorbing points, for they might rely on his statement being the correct one, Mr Chuckster entertained them with theatrical chit-chat and the court circular; and so wound up a brilliant and fascinating conversation which he had maintained alone, and without any assistance whatever, for upwards of three-quarters of an hour.
All the social media chit-chat now about who might be playing really doesn't help us.
I m talking about more realistic conversations - everything from friendly chit-chat to intense debate.
The Facebook and social media strip the brand names as they appear as aACAynaked words' in social chit-chat.
MiKe Sisson-Pell, mitigating, said that the messages were general chit-chat but Varley had been warned not to send them again.
Contrary to popular belief, engaging the prospect in social chit-chat at the beginning a sales presentation is not a good use of time.
Lorna, with simple chit-chat moments before the op, helped put my mind at ease, as I admit I was scared, and especially Clare whose aftercare was second to none.
ISLAMABAD -- Senator Ishaq Dar's 53-page Wednesday budget speech was quite a challenge for patience of parliamentarians, who were compelled towards occasional chit-chat out of boredom by this ordeal.
Exterior aesthetics aside, the friendly staff offered some fun chit-chat about the merits of hair dye.
Your garden opens up opportunities for chit-chat with your neighbourhood (evangelism), your garden hose showers life for growth, a gift of harvest and prayers of thanks (baptism) and the community sees your heart of love through your Christ like giving and living (discipleship).
In an chit-chat interview with the Daily Mail, Lineker revealed how his life changed on finding out about his son's condition.