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Noun1.chit-chat - light informal conversation for social occasionschit-chat - light informal conversation for social occasions
chat, confab, confabulation, schmoose, schmooze - an informal conversation
Verb1.chit-chat - talk socially without exchanging too much informationchit-chat - talk socially without exchanging too much information; "the men were sitting in the cafe and shooting the breeze"
converse, discourse - carry on a conversation
jawbone, schmoose, schmooze, shmoose, shmooze - talk idly or casually and in a friendly way
References in classic literature ?
Having entreated the old lady and gentleman to set their minds at rest on these absorbing points, for they might rely on his statement being the correct one, Mr Chuckster entertained them with theatrical chit-chat and the court circular; and so wound up a brilliant and fascinating conversation which he had maintained alone, and without any assistance whatever, for upwards of three-quarters of an hour.
On this rencontre they all returned to the house together, there to lounge away the time as they could with sofas, and chit-chat, and Quarterly Reviews, till the return of the others, and the arrival of dinner.
We will begin at the time when the subject of the Colonies first showed a tendency to creep menacingly into the daily chit-chat of his Uncle Frederick.
Goldfinches from their trees still play, their chit-chat sweet and true.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Adheres 9 Pesky 10 Notch 11 Own goal 12 Mop 13 Hot pants 16 Chit-chat 17 Elm 19 Also-ran 21 Chord 22 Civic 23 Elevate.
It's a spoken smile, a verbal handshake" - Broadcaster Gyles Brandreth on the usefulness of idle chit-chat.
I GUESS now we will have to put up with political chit-chat for the next seven weeks, to many folks' dismay.
So, language is no longer an obstacle on the way of unlimited chit-chat.
Something that the bystanders found really interesting at the exams was the chit-chat session being wholly and solely indebted to the candidates.
We've been emailing a bit back and forth - nothing inappropriate, just friendly chit-chat about our lives.
I m talking about more realistic conversations - everything from friendly chit-chat to intense debate.
The Facebook and social media strip the brand names as they appear as aACAynaked words' in social chit-chat.