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[Hindi cītal, spotted, axis deer, from Middle Indic cittala, from Sanskrit citrala-, variegated, spotted, from citra-, bright, spotted.]


(Animals) another name for axis2
[from Hindi]
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Police said that the six passengers were part of a group of religious preachers, who were initially en route to Hopper via Ghizer Chital road on foot, but on their way took a lift from Madad.
The SGNP is a home to a rich birdlife and a variety of wildlife including Chital or Spotted deer, grey langur, four-horned antelope and the famous leopard.
After two years of remaining in dark, due to destruction caused by flood and land sliding, Chital has finally got the much needed electricity.
The expert said the Baroghil valley of Chital got a jeepable dirt track only three years ago but scores of villages in the district had yet to have a similar facility.
CHITRA -- The people of Drosh area of Chital staged protest against shifting of the bus stand from the area.
It is bordered with Gilgit and Chital Districts in the North, Indus Kohistan in the East, Bahrain Kohistan in the South and Dir District in the West.
En Patagonia, a principios del siglo veinte se introdujeron 4 especies de cervidos: el chital o ciervo de la India (Axis axis), el ciervo colorado o europeo (Cervus elaphus), el ciervo paleto o dama (Dama dama) y el reno canadiense o caribu (Rangifer tarandus) (Daciuk, 1978; Jaksic, 1998; Jaksic et al.
Chital is one of the animals facing threat of extinction.
The Chital helicopters carries military personnel and all the necessary equipment from 18 thousand to 22 thousand feet from the base camp at various posts.
orygis from chital deer (Axis axis) and blue bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus) from a captive wild-animal facility and postulated that the origin of the infection might be from infected animals in CNP, where the deer and blue bull originated.