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A nitrogen-containing polysaccharide that is a tough, protective, semitransparent substance and is the principal component of arthropod exoskeletons and the cell walls of certain fungi.

[French chitine : New Latin chitōn, mollusk (from Greek khitōn, chiton; see chiton) + -ine.]

chi′tin·ous adj.
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Adj.1.chitinous - of or resembling chitin
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Dried silkworm pupae with their chitinous covering was obtained from the Changa Manga Silk Industries at District Kasur, Pakistan (31deg 05' N latitude 73deg 58' E longitude).
The fine-structure of secretion in Hyalophysa chattoni: formation of the attachment peduncle and the chitinous phoretic cyst wall.
As an additional line of defense, and in contrast with sabellids, most serpulids modify a single radiole into a peduncle topped by an enlarged operculum, a plug with a chitinous or calcareous endplate, that stoppers the tube opening when withdrawn.
The classification of food content followed Holopainen and Helenius (1992), and these types were considered: (i) arthropod identifiable parts--AIP, (ii) chitinous residue of arthropods--CRA, (iii) amorphous mass--AM, (iv) vegetable material with typical cell structure--VMTCS, (v) fluid--F, and (vi) no food--NF.
In its natural aquatic environment growth on the chitinous exoskeletons of zooplankton initiates the development of Natural Competence, a widespread and key form of HGT that allows bacteria to take up free DNA from the environment.
The dream's shell, chitinous as the moving page the night tightens, lies before us on veiled sands, all but prescient.
For example, the beak, which is the main feeding organ for squids, has a stable morphological structure because of its chitinous structure (Clarke, 1986) and could potentially be used for determination of a squid's age.
Reckoning that the rectal lining of the louse is chitinous and so can withstand mechanical trauma, Weigl inoculated lice anally with these rickettsiae.
Indeed, the diet of striped morphs has been shown to be dominated by softer-bodied, presumably higher quality prey, while the unstriped morph consumes more chitinous prey, such as ants (Anthony et al, 2008).
Microscopic examination showed histological features of hydatid cyst comprising of acellular, lamellated fibrous and chitinous wall with daughter cysts having invaginated morphology along with scolex and germinal lining (Figures 4, 5).
Chitinases have a widerange of applications such as preparation of pharmaceutically important chitooligosaccharides and N-acetyl D-glucosamine, single-cell protein, isolation of protoplasts from fungi and yeast, control of pathogenic fungi, treatment of chitinous waste (6).