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or chit·lings  (chĭt′lĭnz)
Variants of chitterlings.


Fried hog intestines.
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Noun1.chitlins - small intestines of hogs prepared as food
organs, variety meat - edible viscera of a butchered animal
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May I Have A Talk With You Boilermaker The Sky Is Crying Shake And Bake So Excited Slip Slidin' Slim Chitlins Con Carne Little Wing/Third Stone From The Sun Boot Hill Life By The Drop
He also serves chitlins - yet another Black Country variation on intestines, black pudding, traditional meat and potato pie - but recently pulled the plug on pigs' trotters.
Scientists have good news for those who love that delicacy of down-home Southern cooking, but hate the smell of chitlins.
Next I mentioned chitlins, that once prized delicacy of Black Country cuisine.
Young hog's chitlins hard to beat Who'll jine de Union?
As much as Southerners love their barbecue, McIntyre's dance--in which a ballerina portrays a graceful, frightened, and soon-to-be-slaughtered pig--has a curious effect on someone digging into a mess of chitlins.
Nathan Dukes recalls from his youth the smell of strudel cakes, chitlins, rice and beans, and turkey and ham being prepared.