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 (kīt′n, kī′tŏn′)
1. Any of various marine mollusks of the class Polyplacophora that live on rocks and have shells consisting of eight overlapping calcareous plates. Also called sea cradle.
2. A tunic worn by men and women in ancient Greece.

[Greek khitōn, tunic, from Central Semitic *kittān, from Akkadian kitû, kita'um, flax, linen, from Sumerian gada, gida.]


(ˈkaɪtən; -tɒn)
1. (Clothing & Fashion) (in ancient Greece and Rome) a loose woollen tunic worn knee length by men and full length by women
2. (Animals) Also called: coat-of-mail shell any small primitive marine mollusc of the genus Chiton and related genera, having an elongated body covered with eight overlapping shell plates: class Amphineura
[C19: from Greek khitōn coat of mail, of Semitic origin; related to Hebrew kethōnet]


(ˈkaɪt n, ˈkaɪ tɒn)

1. any marine mollusk of the class Amphineura, having a dorsal shell of eight overlapping plates.
2. a gown or tunic, with or without sleeves, worn by both sexes in ancient Greece.
[1810–20; < Greek chitṓn < Semitic (compare Hebrew kuttōneth tunic)]
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Noun1.chiton - a woolen tunic worn by men and women in ancient Greecechiton - a woolen tunic worn by men and women in ancient Greece
tunic - any of a variety of loose fitting cloaks extending to the hips or knees
2.chiton - primitive elongated bilaterally symmetrical marine mollusk having a mantle covered with eight calcareous plates
mollusc, mollusk, shellfish - invertebrate having a soft unsegmented body usually enclosed in a shell
genus Chiton - a genus of Polyplacophora
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The molluscan genus Chiton offers a partially analogous case.
I have already remarked to what a degree the sea swarms with living creatures; and the shells (such as the Patellae, Fissurellae, Chitons, and Barnacles), according to Mr.
FITZGERALD MARINE RESERVE Awesome tidepools showcase anemones, crabs, urchins, sea-stars, and the gumboot chiton, whose nickname is "the wandering meatloaf.
The aim of this paper is to facilitate future research on the chiton fauna of the Sao Tome and Principe Islands by providing the first comprehensive and illustrated revision of living Polyplacophora of this archipelago.
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Mr Weatherill said increasing funding to $2 million a year will accelerate much-needed redevelopments of clubs including Chiton Rocks and Grange, with construction likely to start in late 2014 Since 2002, we have provided more than $11 million to fund Surf Life Saving SA s operations, construction of their Headquarters at West Beach, and the redevelopment 7 of 19 local Surf Life Saving clubs at Christies Beach, Somerton, North Haven, Brighton, Seacliff, Henley Beach and Port Noarlunga, he said.
After a Greek prayer and a libation, each reader, dressed in a chiton, leaning on a rhapsode's staff and standing on a podium, read one book, in a continuous relay, starting at 13:00 and lasting 16 hours.
Trophic ecology of the chiton Acanthopleura echinata on Chilean rocky shores.
The most recent findings by David Kisailus, an assistant professor of chemical and environmental engineering at the University of California, Riverside's Bourns College of Engineering, details how the teeth of chiton grow.
This is a kind of missing link with a worm-like body, bearing a series of shells like those of a chiton or coat-of-mail shell," Yale researcher Derek E.