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intr.v. chit·tered, chit·ter·ing, chit·ters
To twitter or chatter, as a bird.

[Middle English chiteren, of imitative origin.]


a chirping noise
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That wasn't entirely a bad thing; the upside was that the noise levels are ratcheted up down there and the chittering, chattering, clinking and clanking always make for a lively, social atmosphere on a busy night.
If he was out the front he'd have been chittering away to you.
She fell in love with the ramshackle old house, with its Rayburn that billowed smoke in to the living room and the windows that let in the chittering cold.
Hollywood's leading ladies could be chittering on the red carpet at the Oscars next week if they follow this season's trend for flashing the flesh.
Early in the book, the phrase, chittering and chattering, is used to represent the noise made by the monkeys.
Smith, 21, and his nephew, Parker, 26, had both denied murdering Mr Thomas as they burgled his PS500,000 converted chapel home in Chittering, Cambridgeshire, in December 2011.
The court heard the father-of-one, who had lived alone in a converted chapel in Ely Road, Chittering, since the death of his wife 10 years earlier, had answered the door to his killers.
Gary Smith, 21, of Fen Road travellers' site, Chesterton, and his nephew, Frankie Parker, 26, of Nene Road, Ely, had both denied murdering Mr Thomas as they burgled the property in Ely Road, Chittering, the previous night.
Llywelyn Thomas, originally from Wales, 76, was found dead inside his home in Ely Road, Chittering, Cambridgeshire, on December 18.
The males congregate in big groups on trees and start issuing their thundering, chittering mating calls, which can reach around 100 decibels 6 a sound (http://trace.
The body of Llywelyn Thomas, 76, was found after police were called to his home in Chittering, Cambridgeshire, just after midday on Sunday.
Follow the path that meanders through what was once an old gravel quarry, and the sounds of chittering chickadees, red-winged blackbirds and garrulous crows mingle with mallards muttering among the sedges.