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Plant tissue consisting of parenchyma cells that contain chloroplasts.


(Botany) plant tissue consisting of parenchyma cells that contain chlorophyll
[C19: from chlor(ophyll) + -enchyma]


(kləˈrɛŋ kə mə)

plant tissue containing chlorophyll.
[1890–95; chlor (ophyll) + (par) enchyma]
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Noun1.chlorenchyma - parenchyma whose cells contain chloroplasts
parenchyma - the primary tissue of higher plants composed of thin-walled cells that remain capable of cell division even when mature; constitutes the greater part of leaves, roots, the pulp of fruits, and the pith of stems
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Chlorenchyma differentiated; palisade layer present;
Chlorenchyma undifferentiated; palisade layers; spongy mesophyll with more than five layers.
Chlorenchyma (only adaxial) has smaller isodiametric cells than the storage parenchyma, it has many chloroplasts.
84%) diagnosed by three synapomorphies: lateral spikes with axes opposed by faces of perigynia (#20), chlorenchyma with scattered pigment cells (#46), and perigynia each with four or more vascular bundles (#48).