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Any of a group of halocarbon compounds in which the halogen is chlorine.


(ˌklɔr əˈkɑr bən, ˌkloʊr-)

a chemical compound containing carbon and chlorine, as carbon tetrachloride, or containing carbon, chlorine, and hydrogen, as chloroform.
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Jones has spent most of his career in catalysis and process development, where his focus has ranged from chlorocarbon chemistry to alkane activation to renewables to methane coupling.
James Bowen, MD and researcher, reports that Splenda is a chlorocarbon (a combination of sugar and chlorine).
In the lawsuit, the association alleges that sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in Splenda, is a man-made chlorocarbon that requires a complex process that converts sucrose -- or sugar -- into a number of different intermediary chemicals before using "phosgene gas -- a deadly weapon used during World War II -- as the chlorinating agent to yield sucralose.
Do you think the consumer public is so stupid they don't understand that sucralose is a chlorocarbon poison?
The sweetness of Splenda[R] derives from a chlorocarbon chemical that contains three atoms of chlorine in every one of its molecules.
Task 1: hexachlorobenzene and hexachlorobutadiene pollution from chlorocarbon processes.
This system has been shown to replace chloroflourocarbon and chlorocarbon solvents, reducing waste disposal problems and eliminating solvent emissions and worker exposure.