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Noun1.chlorophyll a - a blue-black plant pigment having a blue-green alcohol solution; found in all higher plants
chlorophyl, chlorophyll - any of a group of green pigments found in photosynthetic organisms; there are four naturally occurring forms
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The researchers showed that the conversion of chlorophyll a to chlorophyll f requires only this one enzyme in a simple system that could represent an early intermediate stage in the evolution of photosynthesis.
Photosynthetic pigments, nitrogen, chlorophyll a fluorescence and SPAD-502 readings in coffee leaves.
As determined by the classical method, a close relationship was found between the measurement using the portable chlorophyll meter and the chlorophyll a content ([micro]mol-[m.
Unlike day 14, no significant differences in chlorophyll a, b, and a+b content were observed (Table 4).
We meet the two chlorophyll a molecules in the reaction center, surrounded by the antenna complex pigments, and other characters in the play.
Chlorophyll a and b content in leaves treated with NPA were significantly higher (p< 0.
The 700 nanometer light that does not get reflected is assumed to have been absorbed by chlorophyll a.
Chlorophyll a concentrations inside of the cages were corrected for cage effects by subtracting the difference between mean chlorophyll concentrations inside and outside open cages of each estuary.
We refer to the difference between total and edible chlorophyll as large chlorophyll, which represents algal cells or colonies retained by a 35-[[micro]meter] mesh.
The photosynthetic pigment including chlorophyll a (Ch a), chlorophyll b (Ch b) and carotenoid (Cr) in the bract were determined according to the method by Wellburn (1994).
Both devices provide instantaneous readings proportional to the leaf contents of chlorophylls and carotenoids (Minolta, 1989; Falker, 2008), while the Falker device provides the results of chlorophyll a and b.