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 (klôr′ə-kwīn′, -kwēn′)
A drug, C18H26ClN3, used usually in its phosphate form to prevent and treat malaria and to treat amebiasis that has spread outside the intestines.


(ˈklɔːrəʊˌkwiːn) or


(Pharmacology) a synthetic drug administered orally to treat malaria. Formula: C18H26ClN3
[C20: from chloro- + quin(oline)]


(ˈklɔr ə kwɪn, -ˌkwin, ˈkloʊr-)

a synthetic drug, C18H26ClN3, used chiefly to control malaria attacks.
[1945–50; chloro-2 + quin (olin) e]
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Noun1.chloroquine - an antimalarial drug used to treat malaria and amebic dysentery and systemic lupus erythematosus
antimalarial, antimalarial drug - a medicinal drug used to prevent or treat malaria


n. cloroquina, compuesto usado en el tratamiento de la malaria.


n cloroquina
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In a randomized, double-blind trial involving 277 healthy Singapore volunteers assigned to low-dose chloroquine or placebo, mean triglyceride levels after 12 weeks were 77.
Chloroquine is a member of an important series of chemically related anti-malarial agents, the quinolone derivatives.
Side-effects of chloroquine administration include itching and worsening of psoriasis (Vestey and Savin 1992).
Objective To compare the effect of intralesional chloroquine with meglumine antimoniate in the treatment of CL.
Chloroquine (LARIAGO Chloroquine phosphate suspension containing 50 mg base) manufactured in India, was given to positive control and chloroquine 20 mg/kg was prepared in distilled water.
A randomised trial among Sri Lankan children showed that weekly malaria chemoprophylaxis with chloroquine can improve school examination scores.
The recently authorized standards are for: acyclovir, acyclovir topical cream, amlexanox, chloroquine oral solution, chloroquine phosphate, chloroquine sulfate, etoricoxib, nelfinavir mesylate, ormeloxifene hydrochloride and stibogluconate sodium.
A 67-year-old woman on long-term chloroquine treatment for rheumatoid arthritis presented with dizziness and syncope.
Pharmaceutical intermediates company Aceto Corporation (Nasdaq:ACET) stated on Monday that it has introduced the 250 mg and 500 mg strengths of Flucytosine Capsules as well as the 500 mg strength of Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets.
In Kenya, for example, 61-80% of parasites isolated from malaria cases are resistant to chloroquine and 30% of those treated with chloroquine are clinical treatment failures (Omar et al.
The National Programme to control malaria has recently revised its strategies owing to the widespread problem of drug resistance especially to chloroquine which was the mainstay of the control programme.
Withdrawal of chloroquine may serve to restore sensitivity, but Efunshile and co-workers showed persisting high-level resistance to chloroquine 5 years after the drug had been withdrawn from public hospitals in Nigeria and found that more than a quarter of their patients had received chloroquine at home.