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A colorless crystalline compound, C8Cl4N2,used as a fungicide on a variety of vegetable crops, peanuts, lawns, and turfs and as a preservative in paints and adhesives.

[chloro- + (ph)thal(ic) + n(itr)il(e).]
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Based on product (active ingredient), the study segments the global fungicides market into mancozeb, chlorothalonil, metalaxyl, strobilurin, and others (triazols, benzimidazoles, phenylamides, etc.
Even more alarming, glyphosate (Roundup) has been shown to act synergistically with chlorothalonil (Bravo), a fungicide with cyanide as part of its molecule.
Studies conducted by Goldner and his colleagues [20] show elevated odds of hypothyroid disease for organochlorine insecticides including aldrin, chlordane, DDT, heptachlor, and lindane as well as the organochlorine fungicide chlorothalonil.
Besides coumaphos and fluvalinate, the ozone treatment reduced or eliminated eight other common agricultural pesticides found in Florida comb samples, including esfenvalerate (Conquer or Ortho Bug B Gon insecticides), thymol (a pesticide made from thyme extract), and chlorothalonil (Fung-onil or Daconil fungicides).
Kineey, C A ; Mandernack, K W ; Mosier, A R 2005 Laboratory investigations into the effects of pesticides mancozeb, chlorothalonil and prosulfuron on nitrous oxide production in fertilized soil, Soil Biology and Biochemistry 37: 837-850.
Employees complain of a lack of clean drinking water and workers are exposed to toxic chemicals, such as chlorothalonil, which is sprayed over crops from the air.
In fact, one publication has shown that a common fungicide chlorothalonil, does kill seagrass and algae.
However, it's not as effective as chlorothalonil, which regular growers can use.
Further, there was no significant difference in weight and Gosner stage between tadpoles exposed to different chlorothalonil concentrations.
8% Chlorothalonil (Alpharetta, 2, 4, 5, 6/ GA 63052) Tetrachloroisophtha- lonitrile added to acrylic/ latex paint Masterchem Kilz (interior/ Acrylic resin emulsion Industries, Inc.
For example, one of the most widely used fungicides on crops in the United States, chlorothalonil, raises mortality rates among frog tadpoles at low concentrations, Taegan McMahon of the University of South Florida in Tampa reported at the meeting.
They verified, under laboratory conditions, that the chemicals clorfluazuron, teflubenzuron, triflumuron, cyromazine, benomyl, chlorothalonil, mancozeb, iprodione, dimetomorf, tebufenozide and pirimicarb were selective to the two lineages of T.