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 (klôr-prŏm′ə-zēn′, -prō′mə-)
A phenothiazine drug, C17H19ClN2S, usually given in its hydrochloride form and used chiefly to treat schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, nausea and vomiting, and intractable hiccups.


(Pharmacology) a drug derived from phenothiazine, used as a tranquillizer and sedative, esp in psychotic disorders. Formula: C17H19ClN2S
[C20: from chloro- + pro(pyl + a)m(ine) + azine]


(klɔrˈprɒm əˌzin, kloʊr-)

a crystalline powder derived from phenothiazine, used chiefly as an antipsychotic and to control nausea.
[1950–55; chlor- + pro (pyl) + (a) m (ine) + azine]
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Noun1.chlorpromazine - a drug (trade name Thorazine) derived from phenothiazine that has antipsychotic effects and is used as a sedative and tranquilizer
phenothiazine, thiodiphenylamine - a compound used primarily in veterinary medicine to rid farm animals of internal parasites


n. cloropromacina, antiemético y tranquilizante.
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In terms of the dose of antipsychotic medication (daily chlorpromazine equivalent), the mean (sd) dose for the TD group was 573.
Photosensitive reactions are also commonly related to chlorpromazine (antipsychotic), particularly when administered in high doses, and can cause skin lesions like burning and painful erythema (appearing in a few minutes after exposure) which can last for more than 24 hours, and sometimes golden-yellow or graphite-gray pigmentation may occur, mainly on sun-exposed areas (15).
And what about technical data such as drug names Flucloxacillin and chlorpromazine how will they translate ?
However, relieving a dystocia in buffaloes through fetotomy, with or without Chlorpromazine tranquilization, lead to non-significant increase in cortisol till end of fetotomy followed by significant decline by end of next day (Prabhakar et al.
study: the antimalarial drug chloroquine and the antipsychotic chlorpromazine.
The use of chlorpromazine in the treatment of delusional psychosis was recognised by a physician who noticed the disappearance of delusions by chance in patients coincidentally given chlorpromazine not for psychosis but as premedication for a procedure.
1) Moreover, epithelial keratopathy related to chlorpromazine is discussed by many authors in the literature.
Chlorpromazine was released in the market in 1953 by Rhone-Poulenc and given the trade name Largactil, derived from large "broad" and acti "activity".
The drugs whose utilization accounted for about 90% of the entire drug use (DU 90%) include haloperidol, amitriptyline, benzhexol, trifluoperazine, chlorpromazine, and carbamazepine.
88) Chlorpromazine resembled antihistamines-- medicines that help to treat respiratory diseases--as well as other medicines that help to treat neurological diseases.
While both the classification and relative efficacies of the so-called 'typical' first-generation antipsychotic (FGA) agents, such as haloperidol and chlorpromazine, and 'atypical' second-generation antipsychotic (SGA) compounds, such as risperidone and olanzapine, remain controversial, current evidence supports the following:
First-generation antipsychotics such as haloperidol, fluphenazine, and chlorpromazine were used by 2.