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abbreviation for
(Surgery) Master of Surgery
[Latin Chirurgiae Magister]


or chmn.,

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In May 2013, however, CHM was reported to have accumulated by end-2012 a total debt of $4.
For the CHM containing the SR-FVI of 50 wt%, as an example, the correlations between oxygen permeability coefficient, nitrogen permeability coefficient, oxygen/nitrogen separation factor, and pressure difference at 20[degrees]C are shown in Fig.
First, we obtained a set of CHM tissues and blood samples from a CHM pregnant woman at 10 weeks' gestation and normal villous tissue from a woman with an uncomplicated singleton pregnancy who underwent artificial abortion at 10 weeks' gestation.
The Lufft CHM 15k cloud height sensor features high quality and precision.
It was his fourth marathon in only five weeks as he raised funds and awareness for CHM, and it was a powerful metaphor for Jeff's journey to this day with the marathon finish line being only 2 miles from where today's announced CHM treatment will begin clinical trials.
A genetically modified virus is used in the experimental therapy to smuggle healthy copies of the CHM gene into light-sensitive cells in the retina, and supporting tissue called retinal pigment epithelium.
Altogether, 18,025 (10,007 CHMs and 8,018 NCHMs) first-parity singleton live births with complete information were included in the analysis.
Starting in June, EP and CHM will develop a co-branded Internet channel for families and professionals, where selected articles from CHM's archive will be posted.
Russell Welsh, 36, of Hartlepool, faces the prospect of going blind by the age of 50 after being diagnosed with choroideremia or CHM.
Capital Hotel Management (CHM), a US-based hotel investment and asset management firm, has formed CHM Partners LLC (CHM Partners), a new company division to acquire hotels.
The situation with the recoding theories CM [direct sum] CHM and CHM [direct sum] TM is analogous to the theory a [direct sum] A and the situation with the recoding theories SM [direct sum] CHM and SHM [direct sum] TM is analogous to the theory A [direct sum] f discussed in 2.
Having freelanced as a Mac designer for the firm since early 2006, CHM managing director Craig Holden decided to take Chris on permanently to cope with the growth of the business.