chocolate eclair

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Noun1.chocolate eclair - eclair topped with chocolatechocolate eclair - eclair topped with chocolate  
eclair - oblong cream puff
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Bredin had entrenched himself behind the cash-desk, peering nervously at Paul through the cream, and Paul, pouring forth abuse in his native tongue, was brandishing a chocolate eclair.
Christopher Holmes TOP TREND: Asda to sell foot long chocolate eclair in the run up to Christmas.
I know I urge patience, but the temptation to go on rumour sites is akin to dieters looking at that Chocolate Eclair the size of a beanbag your partner has sadistically left in the fridge.
Chocolate eclair and doughnut power is obviously a wonderful thing.
Blueberry, apple, lemon and chocolate eclair pies were produced in a special run this week to prepare for the shipments.
He added, "For example if you are a French tourist and you arrive in Muscat, you expect a five-star hotel to offer you great things, but then I offer you strawberry tart and chocolate eclair, it is a bit of a disappointment and you wonder why you travelled so far to have something you could have back home.
The hotel has encouraged people with three-year-old children to take their kids along to the gathering where there will be a 20ft chocolate eclair.
She even pretends to perform a sex act on a chocolate eclair shortly before declaring, "My ass ain't pretty no more
Only a fresh, gooey chocolate eclair with its crispy golden choux pastry, piped cream and glossy chocolate topping lay on the beach in its crimped white baker's paper.
One of his most cited statements is a description of President William McKinley--he "has no more backbone than a chocolate eclair.
The gold bags offer Roasted Almond, Assorted Royal, Nutty Brazil and Chocolate Eclair Mix and the silver bags are available in Top Toffees and Liquorice.
The varieties include the Eskimo Pie Premium King Size Strawberry Shortcake Bar, Premium King Size Toasted Almond Bar, Premium King Size Chocolate Eclair Bar, and Premium King Size Vanilla Milk Chocolate Bar.