chocolate fudge

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Noun1.chocolate fudge - fudge made with chocolate or cocoachocolate fudge - fudge made with chocolate or cocoa  
fudge - soft creamy candy
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I'd only learned chocolate fudge and fig cake, though, when--when I had to stop.
It's covered in chocolate bars (which the customer chooses), syrups and sauces, fresh fruit, and pieces of chocolate fudge brownie.
The combination of rich chocolate and subtitle orange flavour is a match made in heaven and little pieces of Terry's chocolate orange running through the chocolate fudge filling just adds an extra element of fun.
Chocolate fudge sponge, raspberry jelly and chocolate feuilletine with milk chocolate mousse
Chocolate lovers can bake to their heart's content with the Co-op Chocolate Fudge Cupcake Mix for just PS1.
We could not get enough of Sorbabes' vegan varieties of their Gourmet Sorbet: Pistachio with Sea Salt Caramel, Juicy Orange Passionfruit with Lychees, Tart and Juicy Lemon with Candied Zest, Organic Peanut Banana with Chocolate Fudge, and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate.
Available from mid May, consumers outside the South West could enjoy four flavours; Marshfield Farm's Vanilla Clotted Cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Strawberries in Clotted Cream and Caramel Fudge in Clotted Cream through the national retailer.
You can start the day by surprising her with this homemade deep, dark chocolate fudge.
Simple yet gorgeous, this banana fudge cake also includes lots of little bits of chocolate fudge bar and dried banana chips in the mix, with delectable melted dark chocolate and more fudge and dried banana on top.
The new range includes a zesty Easter Lemon Gateaux, luxurious Easter Chocolate Fudge Cake, moist Easter Chocolate and Lemon Mini Loaves and an indulgent Easter Fudge Brownie.
This flavor is an exotic blend of German chocolate and delicious chocolate fudge brownies which will leave your taste buds tantalizing.