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Noun1.chocolate liquor - the liquid or paste that is produced when cocoa beans are roasted and ground; the basis of all chocolate
chocolate - a food made from roasted ground cacao beans
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29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In early 2016, Cargill will continue to take steps to improve and expand its chocolate, compound and chocolate liquor production offerings and services for North American food and beverage companies.
It's composed only of chocolate liquor -- the ground-up nibs or the roasted and hulled cocoa beans, a paste that's solidified into bars.
This chocolate liquor is mixed with cocoa butter to form a solid bar.
Additionally, in the uncommon 2001 Chocolate Letter, the California AG declared that lead levels falling under 1 ppm for cocoa powder, 1 ppm for chocolate liquor and 0.
Secondly, chocolate liquor is the thick paste generated when chocolate nibs, the roasted and de-shelled chocolate beans, are heated to a high temperature, it's then separated into cocoa butter and cocoa powder.
The extraction of the chocolate liquor, the basis of all cocoa and chocolate products, is done by removing the husks from the seeds, after they have been ripened in the sun, and crushing the seeds into a liquid paste.
The nibs are then ground and liquified, resulting in pure chocolate in fluid form: chocolate liquor.
To make milk chocolate, they replace some of the chocolate liquor with milk solids and milk fat.
The Cadbury Chirk site is a feedstock site for the larger Cadbury organisation, with the laboratory handling samples of butter and chocolate liquor.
The cocoa beans are roasted, shelled, and ground to make the chocolate liquor.
They start with what's called the chocolate liquor, which is just the little chocolate discs and don't use cocoa in the products at all.