chocolate milk

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Noun1.chocolate milk - milk flavored with chocolate syrupchocolate milk - milk flavored with chocolate syrup  
milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
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14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Adult Beverage Company, the nostalgia-inspired, innovative spirits company behind the tremendously successful Adult Chocolate Milk and Adult Limeade flavors, today announced the launch of a new addition to its premium pour-and-serve portfolio: Adult Strawberry Milk .
The Milk Jugs are kid-friendly, colorful, re-sealable, 8-ounce plastic containers of lowfat white or chocolate milk that feature Ronald McDonald riding a wave of milk.
That's when I refuel with lowfat chocolate milk for protein to build lean muscle and to replenish electrolytes.
According to a 2009 survey of 58 elementary and secondary schools across the country by the Milk Processor Education Program, kids' consumption of milk overall dropped an astonishing average of 35 percent when chocolate milk was dropped from the menu, with a corresponding drop in calcium and vitamin D - at the very age that children are in their peak "bone building years.
The men and women drinking chocolate milk after exercise improved their body composition, measured by the combination of increased lean muscle and decreased body fat, when compared to those drinking the carbohydrate beverage.
Chocolate milk after trick-or-treating is a great, healthy treat.
DIRECTIONS: Write a procedure for making chocolate milk.
Garfield has already appeared on Swiss Valley skim chocolate and 1 percent chocolate milk in schools, which the co-op reports have been popular with students.
Researchers found that chocolate milk, a mixture of protein and carbohydrate, boosts mitochondria, the energy source of human cells.
Other commercial samples of pasteurized 2% milk and chocolate milk containing less than 40 cfu per mL were high-pressure-treated at 400 MPa, 600 MPa and 800 MPa below 30 C for 10 minutes.
Similarly, anhedonia can be tested by the loss of preference for chocolate milk compared with water (Cairncross 1984; Jesberger and Richardson 1985; Kelly et al.
Last month, the dairy farm, which is less than three miles from campus, began supplying milk, including skim and chocolate milk, in regular deliveries.