chocolate mousse

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Noun1.chocolate mousse - dessert mousse made with chocolatechocolate mousse - dessert mousse made with chocolate  
mousse - a rich, frothy, creamy dessert made with whipped egg whites and heavy cream
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In the world of healthy recipes, there's a chocolate mousse that is so easy to make and it will shock you by how healthy and delicious it is.
THIS is the best chocolate mousse recipe in the world when made with your favourite chocolate.
From Raspberry Chocolate Mousse to Key Lime Pie, A Flurry of Flavors Are Available at Locations Across the Country
Dubai: A cook has been jailed for three months for risking the lives of five women who became sick with salmonella poisoning after serving them a bacteria-infected chocolate mousse at a dinner cruise.
WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 3 eggs 375g white chocolate buttons 3 leaves gelatine 30g creme de cocoa 900g whipping cream - whipped to soft peaks METHOD Melt chocolate.
CHOCOLATE MOUSSE Serves: 4-6 INGREDIENTS 165g dark chocolate 25g unsweetened cocoa powder 10 organic or free range eggs 25g caster sugar Hot water METHOD Place the chocolate and cocoa powder in a bowl over a pan of hot water and melt on a low heat.
It's a lush mix of caramel or chocolate goo, swirled with chocolate mousse.
Create four filled macaroons by sandwiching the chocolate mousse between four pairs of macaroon halves and place one on each plate.
Spoon the vanilla mousse mix into the chocolate mousse and stir to just mix, leaving the mousse marbled.
The La Boulangerie Delice aux Cerise is a soft chocolate sponge topped with cherries, enrobed with a rich chocolate mousse and finished with a chocolate flavoured glaze.
garnish with dehydrated chocolate mousse and dried cherry clusters.