Choir screen

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(Arch.) a screen or low wall separating the choir from the aisles.

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In the fifteenth century, however, the presence of walls, screens, choir stalls, and a towering tomb would have made viewing the high altar, no matter how imposing, much more difficult, particularly for women and non-privileged "foreign" pilgrims who probably would have been barred from entering the choir enclosure at all times and who may well have been prevented from going beyond the rood screen when masses were being celebrated on the high altar [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
At the time of Donatello's commission, the high altar was set within a fairly large choir enclosure.
Jacqueline Jung discusses Gothic choir enclosures, using some fifteenth-century Netherlandish paintings for the evidence they reveal about practice as well as for certain optical effects and juxtapositions.