choke down

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Verb1.choke down - suppress; "He choked down his rage"
conquer, inhibit, stamp down, suppress, subdue, curb - to put down by force or authority; "suppress a nascent uprising"; "stamp down on littering"; "conquer one's desires"

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It could have been any iron because I can always choke down on another one or rip an extra one.
For a white Baptist from the Mississippi Delta, this book is hard to choke down.
O r song Repetition covers that, with "they worship that cursed kaleidoscope, choke down on your own tie-die T-shirt".
My family were not fooled, however, even though they gamely tried to choke down my culinary disaster while muttering words of encouragement.
On the other hand, there was no way he could choke down the bowl of glop.
For a permanent solution, we should choke down our rage and extend the limit of our tolerance as much as possible.
Because obviously what viewers want is to choke down a mouthful of puke as they watch their soaps.
We then allow ourselves to be so completely taken up with the joy feasting that we greedily choke down everything we can stuff in our mouths, including mashed rutabaga and mincemeat pies, dishes some call traditional fare, but I believe should be declared a public nuisance, or at least defined as edible assault.
The Blues still have to go to Tottenham and Liverpool, but this is the bulk of the Mourinho team who won back-to-back titles so they are unlikely to choke down the final straight.
If this means that you have to choke down something other than lobster and steak for a couple of weeks, so be it.
You've got to choke down your desire to know what the band ate on the day they recorded White Light/White Heat, or what size shoes Lou Reed wears or if Iggy Pop puts on his pants before his socks or vice versa.
She didn't choke down like she did at Ascot in the Golden Jubilee because we had her tongue-tied.