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Noun1.choke hold - a restraining holdchoke hold - a restraining hold; someone loops the arm around the neck of another person in a tight grip, usually from behind; "he grabbed the woman in a chokehold, demanded her cash and jewelry, and then fled"
clutch, clutches, grip, hold, clasp, clench, grasp - the act of grasping; "he released his clasp on my arm"; "he has a strong grip for an old man"; "she kept a firm hold on the railing"
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uk @EveningGazette BEING caught by the police is an occupational hazard for a robber - but being tackled and put in a choke hold by a cage fighter instead is no doubt worse.
We cannot allow the FCC to put a choke hold on the internet by allowing big corporations to create artificial fast lanes or charge consumers more.
A pathologist concluded he had died from a lack of blood and oxygen to the brain and said his injuries were consistent with having been put in a choke hold.
Dr Jennifer Bolton, a pathologist called to give evidence by the defence, was asked about the "carotid sleep hold", a choke hold whereby the front of the neck is held in the crook of the elbow.
Gubair Boshir, 19, grabbed his victim in a choke hold before attacking him with a knife and inflicting eight stab wounds that left him with scarring to his face and body.
If McGregor's got any sense he'll crash tackle Floyd at the opening bell and put a choke hold on him, get disqualified and then they'll have a rematch and make even more money.
It is the belief of this unheard of, absent of accolade author that great literature should not be lost due to the choke hold publishing tycoons have on the book industry.
The days of Tiger having a choke hold on the leaderboard are gone.
Jones, of Seiriol Road, Bangor, put Mr Jailed: David Jones, 21 Taylor in a choke hold and only ended the attack when a member of the public shouted at him to stop.
PSAn Arm-hook Sleeper an Anaconda Vise or an Arm Triangle Choke A Bay Street Swing and a Black Out or a Corner Foot Choke Maybe a Danny Dance Double Choke Dragon sleeper Figure-Four Necklock We saw a Garner Mount and immediately knew that move The Gogoplata sounds ancient like a Guillotine Choke Half Nelson Choke or a Hangman's Choke and Koji Clutch or Leg Choke Call it a Last Loosie a New York Noose (a Nigger Noose) and a Pantaleo Press A Pentagram Choke or a Rear Naked Choke or a Single Arm Choke and a Sleeper Hold The Staten Island Squeeze and the Straight Jacket or a Three-quarter Nelson A Thumb Choke Hold a Tongan Death Grip for assorted Blacks or a Triangle Choke or a Two-handed Chokelift and an arena of bystanders
According to the court narrative, Pemberton at one point held Laude's head in a choke hold.