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n. pl. gran·u·lo·mas or gran·u·lo·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
Any of various nodular masses of granulocytic monocytes and other immune cells, including macrophages and eosinophils, that aggregate in response to a chronic infection, such as tuberculosis, or other inflammatory process.

gran′u·lo′ma·tous (-mə-təs) adj.


n, pl -mas or -mata (-mətə)
(Pathology) a tumour composed of granulation tissue produced in response to chronic infection, inflammation, a foreign body, or to unknown causes
granulomatous adj


(ˌgræn yəˈloʊ mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
an inflammatory tumor or growth composed of granulation tissue.
gran`u•lom′a•tous (-ˈlɒm ə təs) adj.
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Noun1.granuloma - a tumor composed of granulation tissue resulting from injury or inflammation or infection
neoplasm, tumor, tumour - an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
gumma - a small rubbery granuloma that is characteristic of an advanced stage of syphilis


[ˌgrænjʊˈləʊmə] ngranuloma m


n granuloma m; pyogenic — granuloma piógeno
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To the Editor: Cholesterol granuloma (CG) refers to granulation tissue containing cholesterol crystals and giant cells and is a foreign body response elicited by local tissues.
Petrous apex lesion- Cholesterol granuloma, Cholesteatoma, Meningioma, Metastatic carcinoma, Arachnoid cysts, Chondroma, Chondrosarcoma and Chordoma.
5) The differential diagnosis includes cholesterol granuloma, aberrant carotid artery, and tumors such as paraganglioma or schwannoma.
Cholesterol granuloma is a benign, non-specific inflammatory fibrogranulomatous lesion that develops secondary to a foreign body reaction to cholesterol crystals.
Cholesterol granuloma (CG) is a foreign body reaction to the deposition and inadequate drainage of cholesterol crystals that are frequently found in association with chronic middle ear diseases but an uncommon entity in maxillary sinuses.
He had undergone surgical drainage of a petrous apex cholesterol granuloma 5 years before.
Cholesterol granuloma is a histopathologic term describing a large number of clefts present after cholesterol crystals have dissolved during processing, with surrounding foreign-body giant cells, foam cells, and macrophages filled with hemosiderin embedded in fibrous granulation tissue.
GRANUATION TISSUE AND CHOLESTEROL GRANULOMA: It is a complication of chronic infection and manifests in 3 ways-soft, fibrous and cholesterol granuloma.
5) Occasionally, a cholesterol granuloma will demonstrate an area of hypointensity on MRI as a result of a solid mineral content within the cyst.
Phospholipids in atherosclerosis: the modification of the cholesterol granuloma by phospholipid.
We report the unique finding of a petrous apex cholesterol granuloma associated with a paraganglioma, also known as a glomus jugulare tumor, in a 52-year-old woman who presented to our department with pulsatile tinnitus, hearing loss, aural fullness, and disequilibrium.
Hemotympanum has many causes, including temporal bone fractures, barotrauma, administration of anticoagulants, hematologic disorders, and chronic otitis media secondary to the formation of granulation tissue or a cholesterol granuloma.

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