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n. pl. cho·lis also cho·lies
A tightly fitted, often short-sleeved or sleeveless upper garment with a low collar and usually a high lower hem baring the midriff, worn next to the skin by women and girls in South Asia, frequently under a sari or other garment.

[Hindi colī and Urdu čolī, from Prakrit cōḷa-, piece of cloth, from Sanskrit coḍaḥ, jacket, doublet, of unknown origin.]


n, pl -lis
(Clothing & Fashion) a short-sleeved bodice, as worn by Indian women
[from Hindi]
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From here, you can traipse the market lanes of Ratanpol, Rani-no-Haziro, Sindhi Market, Revdi Bazr, the cloth market of Sarangpur and Ramakda market in search of attractive chaniya choli, salwar kameez, sarees, block-printed fabrics, embroideries, bandhani tie-dye fabrics, traditional jewellery and utensils.
Similar incident took place near PTI office at Choli Pajgi Road in Peshawar which caused no loss, police said on Wednesday.
The old, important Choli Minaret in the city, dating from the 13th century, was restored and some modern buildings, such as car parks, which spoiled the view of the minaret, needed to be demolished.
Women wear traditional dresses such as colourful embroidered choli, ghagra and bandahni dupattas, which is the traditional attire, dazzling with mirror work and heavy jewellery.
CHAMPION OF POOR: Dickens SPECIAL GUEST: Bishop Michael Dickens Whinney with (left-right) Alice Cook (11), Chloe Shepard (18), Ajay Choli (14) and Rachel Owen (16) COSTUME DRAMA: Charles Dickens' great great-grandson Bishop Michael Dickens Whinney, with Blue Coat pupils Steve West (16), Mollie Cooper (17) Ashleigh Dickinson (18) and Rob Barrett (16)
The bride's choli (blouse), dupatta (scarf), and odhini (veil) were custom-created for the bride by Renuka Rajagopal of Riiti Fashions.
In town to oversee the launch of not one but six dance centres in Dubai and Sharjah this month, Khan, 63, is behind some of the most iconic dance sequences that scorched the silver screen in the past two decades - Ek Do Teen, Dhak Dhak, Choli Ke Peeche and Nimbooda Nimbooda, to name a few.
Mainly used with shalwar kameez or kurta, the dupatta is also worn with choli and gharara.
Until now, we've held seven free computer courses," said Choli Asad, Manager of CCB and Managing Editor ofAa Braille.
The designer has earlier had Shilpa as his showstopper for two fashion events - but her appearance in a heavy lehenga choli at the HDIL India Couture Week last year is etched in many people's mind.
No umlaut arose from *aa in the development of Sw, the reason why the *aa of *c/iaatias well as *taaro developed into o: choli 'goat' and torn 'star', respectively.
The choli is the tight fitting bodice, although the neckline, sleeves and backs can be altered to suit the wearer's personal style.