cholic acid

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cho·lic acid

An abundant crystalline bile acid, C24H40O5, derived from cholesterol.

[Greek kholikos, bilious, from kholē, bile; see chole-.]

cholic acid

(Biochemistry) a crystalline insoluble acid present in bile: used as an emulsifying agent and an intermediate in the synthesis of organic compounds. Formula: C24H40O5
[C19: from Greek kholikos; see chole-]

cho′lic ac′id

(ˈkoʊ lɪk, ˈkɒl ɪk)
a bile acid, C24H40O5, related to cholesterol.
[1840–50; < Greek cholikós bilious =chol(ḗ) bile + -ikos -ic]
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Noun1.cholic acid - an insoluble crystalline acid present in bile
bile acid - any of the steroid acids generated in the liver and stored with bile

cho·lic ac·id

n. ácido cólico, uno de los ácidos no conjugados de la bilis.
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The study found that the most important bile acid, cholic acid (CA), had a significantly higher synthesis rate in people with type 2 diabetes than in patients with normal glucose levels.
By contrast, the hydrophilic (water soluble) bile acid, ursodeoxycholate ("Ursodiol") negates the tumor-promoting effects of cholic acid in the AOM rat model induced colon cancer and has undergone clinical trials for the prevention of neoplasia in patients at risk for colon cancer.
These new solution certified reference materials (CRMs) consist of lithocholic acid, taurocholic acid and native and deuterium-labeled analogs of cholic acid, chenodeoxycholic acid, deoxycholic acid, and ursodeoxycholic acid.
Tenders are invited for Tab: Ursodeoxy Cholic Acid 300Mg Strip Pack
External bile acid standards, including cholic acid (CA), lithocholic acid (LCA), chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA), deoxycholic acid (DCA), ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), [alpha]-muricholic acid ([alpha]MCA), [beta]-muricholic acid ([beta]MCA), [omega]-muricholic acid ([omega]MCA), glycocholic acid (GCA), glycochenodeoxycholic acid (GCDCA), taurocholic acid (TCA), taurodeoxycholic acid (TDCA), tauro chenodeoxycholic acid (TCDCA), taurolithocholic acid (TLCA), tauro-[alpha]-muricholic acid (T[alpha]MCA), and tauro-[beta]-muricholic acid (T[beta]MCA), were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich.
Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Cholic Acid (CAS 81-25-4) Industry, 2009-2019 provides historic data on cholic acid market for 2009 to 2014 and forecasts data to 2019 with an overview of economic parameters of the manufacturers in the market.
In this research, cholic acid and cheno anti-accumulation agents have been used to prevent the accumulation of dye materials based on indigos.
Dr Wang said: "The first molecule we found, cholic acid, influences the production and survival of neurons in what is known as the red nucleus, important for incoming signals from other parts of the brain.