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or chrondri- or chrondr-
1. Cartilage: chondrocranium.
2. Granule: chondrite.

[From Greek khondros, granule, cartilage; see ghrendh- in Indo-European roots.]




or before a vowel


combining form
1. (Anatomy) indicating cartilage: chondroma.
2. grain or granular: chondrule.
[from Greek khondros grain, cartilage]
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Fibrocytes and chondro- cytes produce and maintain the matrix in which they are embedded and in the disc they have good ability under such avascular condition.
Osteo-, chondro- and myoblasts as well as adipocytes stem all from the same adult mesenchymal stem cells (Chamberlain et al.
Imaging Findings Imaging Differential Diagnoses 1 MRI: Irregularly T1 Destructive neoplasm; contrast enhancing, differential centrally hypointense diagnoses: chondro- left skull base lesion sarcoma, metastasis, involving the left maxil- osteo-sarcoma, meningioma lary sinus, cavernous sinus (Figure 1, A) with erosion of left temporal bone 2 MRI: 1.