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n. pl. chon·dro·mas or chon·dro·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A cartilaginous growth or tumor.

chon·dro′ma·tous (-mə-təs) adj.


n, pl -mas or -mata (-mətə)
(Pathology) pathol a benign cartilaginous growth or neoplasm
chonˈdromatous adj


(kɒnˈdroʊ mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
a benign cartilaginous tumor or growth.
[1855–60; < Greek chóndr(os) granule, cartilage + -oma]
chon•dro′ma•tous, adj.
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Noun1.chondroma - a common benign tumor of cartilage cells
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Calcification is probably the most helpful imaging feature for identifying a neoplasm of the laryngeal cartilage, although this finding does not necessarily distinguish a chondroma from a chondrosarcoma.
Secondary chondrosarcomas originate in transformed cells from a central chondroma or cartilaginous exostosis.
The differential diagnosis includes chondroma, hamartoma, and polyps, although spindle-cell (sarcomatoid) carcinoma can contain metaplastic or malignant cartilage.
Collectively, the findings were consistent with a diagnosis of soft tissue chondroma.
Because chondrosarcoma lies on a continuum between benign chondroma and malignant sarcoma, making a histologic diagnosis can be difficult.
3) Lacerte et al, (4) reported 2 cases of dural chondroma (one from convexity and other from falx) and compared them with 45 cases of intracranial chondroma reported in the literature in which the tumor had originated outside the skull base.
The differential diagnosis of laryngeal chondrosarcoma includes, in addition to chondroma, benign lesions such as chondrometaplasia and tracheopathia osteoplastica, as well as malignant tumors such as adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
Extraskeletal ossifying chondroma in Hoffa's fat pad: an unusual cause of anterior knee pain.
In tumors with only 1 mesenchymal element, a corresponding benign mesenchymal neoplasm, such as a lipoma or chondroma, should be the main diagnostic consideration.
Primary differential diagnoses were neoplasia (eg, osteoma, osteosarcoma, giant cell tumor, fibroma, fibrosarcoma, hemangioma, hemangiosarcoma, chondroma, chondrosarcoma), (1,2) inflammation (eg, osteomyelitis, granuloma, xanthoma), or a bone cyst.
Initial differentials included plasmacytoma and chondroma.
To our knowledge, this is the first description of a soft tissue chondroma at this site: some soft tissue tumors develop at unusual anatomic location.